Perfect Navy Blue

December 12, 2016 Tip of the Day  – Perfect navy blue – Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Painting in a high gloss was perfect for the bar. High gloss hides scratches and dings much better than other finishes.

I searched for a long time for the perfect navy. I always liked navy but didn’t want a navy that looked too “nautical” or too “uptight”.  After much research and many pictures, I went with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. And it was perfect! Absolutely love how the navy has a bit of gray or smoke in it. It makes it elegant but not overly formal. I painted my bar hale navy and it accented my revere pewter walls absolutely beautifully. Don’t forget, if you have furniture you are painting that is a little dinged up or not the highest quality, try a high gloss finish, it hides things much better than other finishes. Both the chair and bar are in high gloss finishes. The chair was free so I just went for it. Painted the wood in hale navy and recovered the cushion easily with fabric from Hobby Lobby. It went beautifully in my Equestrian Themed Office. Walls in office are Clinton Brown.