The Art of Hanging Art

As an equestrian with lots of equestrian friends I thought an emphasis on a gallery wall would be a good idea,  as all of us riders have lots of horse jumping photos usually scattered around the house. Below are some good tips and guidelines for a cohesive look to follow. A big mistake I see all the time are random family photos (or horse photos) on a wall way too big for the photo or photos in display. Another mistake I see are  a grouping of photos spaced too far apart.

I love personal photos and have many. To make them come together I made gallery walls in my house. I certainly did not want to splurge on new frames so I kept them to 3 colors (using lots of spray paint) black with different finishes, gold, and wood. See photos below;

I enjoy mixing art, mirrors, and other items with my family gallery wall as long as frames and sizing go together. Throwing in an oval or round frame also is a nice added touch. To begin my gallery wall, I started with my largest piece of art and worked outward from there. Most designers suggest to use exact spacing to make the look cohesive. Another good idea is laying your art on the floor first or drawing on a piece of paper. I myself was too gung-ho so I decided to just wing it. I started out measuring but after I mis-measured numerous times, I just guesstimated. It seemed to work out just find. Some pieces I needed exact and took more time with them.

Helpful tips to creat a gallery wall:

  • Space each photo approximately same amount apart
  • Make photos cohesive by narrowing frames down to a few colors
  • Add in art, mirrors, or anything else that is special to you.
  • Start with your largest or most important piece and work outward, as it will automatically become the focal point when done in this manner.
  • Use what you have!

More useful links for creating the perfect gallery wall:

Gallery Layout by Decor it Darling

Gallery Wall by Driven by Decor

How to Create a Gallery Wall by Daisy Mae Bell

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