Brandie and Hunter Holloway

Equi-Venture Farm is the home of the top riders Brandie & Hunter Holloway and offers quality horses for sale that are able to compete at the highest levels of show jumping competition.

Many of Equi-Venture’s horses are shown by Brandie and Hunter and have successful resumes listing their impressive wins from the junior hunters and equitation to the grand prix ring. Some of their championships are from prestigious horse shows such as Devon, The Pennsylvania National Horse Show, the National Horse Show and the Washington International Horse Show. Prestigious classes their horses have shown in include the Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals, ASPCA Maclay Regionals and Finals, the HITS $1 Million Grand Prix and HITS $500,000 Hunter Prix along with numerous top dollar Grand Prixs.

Brandie rode horses before she could walk and at age 14, won the American Quarter Horse World Championship on a $750 horse she found from an ad in the newspaper. Most of her early training came from the school of hard knocks, landing in the dirt and climbing on to try again, spending countless hours a day in the barn between school obligations.

When Hunter was born in 1997, she too learned to ride before she could walk.  At 12, Hunter won the Dallas Harvest $25,000 Grand Prix on Argentina, (who at 15 was older than her rider) making her the youngest rider to win a national Grand Prix.  In 2014, Hunter earned a spot to compete on a U.S. team in Germany and held fundraisers to earn the money to go. Hunter, like her mother, loves to spend every waking hour with the horses, fitting in online school when she can.

Equi-Venture Farm website

Hunter Holloway Bridleless Demonstration on Cascina

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