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Great start to Hits Ocala

It was quite a Grand Prix yesterday. Jumps were blowing down left and right. Amazing how well the horses, riders, and staff handled it so well. Definitely a class to remember. Here is a video of me and Lucky in the jump off:

Lucky Strike jump off 50k

Here are more pics from a good week

Lucky and his pony, Refund, getting much needed rest.


Eastern Jam and Hunter

Hunter sporting her CWD jacket

Having a great time at HITS Ocala!

It is so nice to be in the sun. Here is a picture of Hunter on her up and coming young jumper. Thanks to CWD and Equi-fit they are looking good!

Eastern Jam and Hunter Holloway

Here is a link to an article interviewing me and Hunter from The Plaid Horse. It is from one year ago today. Time flies.

Plaid Horse Hunter Holloway

Love this, An eventer’s experience at an A rated horse show.

I love this article below. Not only does it crack me up, but some of it is so true. I think it wasn’t until I started dating Larry that I didn’t lose sleep the night before riding in a grand prix . Not because of how I would perform, but on how I was going to get  a jump in the schooling ring! And once I got it, how was I going to keep it.  I would even go look at the order of go as soon as it came out to see what trainers I would have to compete with for a jump. I was happy to be first because that meant getting a jump would be easier. Maybe not the jump I wanted but back then I was just happy to have a jump at all. Thank God Larry came around and was bigger than everyone else.

If you want to laugh read

An Eventer’s Adventures In Hunterland

Top 5 Equestrian Names

This website always has fun “equestrian world” articles including this one on THE TOP FIVE EQUESTRIAN NAMES. Maybe I like it so much because they mention Hunter:)

Expecting? Top 5 Names for Children of the Show Circuit