Equi-Venture Farm’s Breeding Program

We have a small breeding program with emphasis on ability and temperament. Spending my entire life in the business, I have been patient before jumping into the breeding end of hunters and jumpers. I have noticed many breeders breed with 90% of their focus on the stallion, with little or no attention to the broodmare. As these results show over and over, this can be a recipe for a not so stellar offspring. We focus on the broodmare just as much if not more than the stallion we use. Our focus in breeding started with embryo transfers with grand prix mares, S & L So Be It (Guidam x Burgraaf) and Gabriella Z (Jalisco B), later adding a retired grand prix mare to the mix Hy Fly, a direct daughter of Capitol I. With these amazing mares to build from we slowly added a daughter here and there to the mix that are of the highest quality.

We have crossed these mares consistently with our flagship stallions Argentina (Lagano Van La Roche) and Any Given Sunday (Indoctro). We also breed to Cassini on a consistent basis. These three stallions all posses the temperament, scope, and movement we like to see in our program. All three have wonderful mouths, so our babies always end up going in snaffles. Their beautiful, balanced canters allow the babies to have natural, balanced lead changes making training so much easier, not to mention their incredible brains that seal the deal.

Cassini I and II regularly produce horses that win at the highest levels in the hunter and jumper ring.

Argentina was Hunter Holloway’s mount when she was the youngest person to win a National standard grand prix at the age of 12.

 Click here to see Hunter Holloway winning her first grand prix at age 12

Any Given Sunday has a resume to only dream of, not only winning in grand prix all over, Sunny has an equitation resume to only dream of including 2016 ASPCA Maclay championship. Sunny also has too many Junior hunter championships to count as well as big prizes in International hunter derby competition. To see a larger list of Sunny’s results go to Any Given Sunday’s personal page.

Click here to watch Any Given Sunday with Brandie Holloway winning the St. Louis Charity Grand prix.

Any Given Sunday Clean CSI** World Cup Omaha Internatioal Grand Prix







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